Computer Generated Images


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Model Build

CGI is an immensely beneficial tool to implement into your business, not only to show off your product catalogue, but also to see how specific products will be viewed in “real – time”.

This is a cost effective method of making changes to a product by visualising it before the costly manufacturing stage. It allows you to provide product specifications to the factory via a visual idea of what the product is going to look like rather than spending money on manufactured trial and error. 

If manufacturing has been offshored, you may be faced with delays when receiving products. That comes at the detriment of delaying your product photography. However with CGI: No product means no problem! Your marketing efforts do not have to be postponed because of this as CGI makes an excellent replacement.

Editorial Website


When CGI is involved, the possibilities are endless. It has the power to cross so many boundaries since it is a great way to produce high impact visuals that offer a gateway between reality and creativity. Take a look at our Kraken rum image for example – that is all CGI! Editorial CGI can add depth to your product and can really capture the eye of your audience.

Video Website


Using CGI video allows us to explore hidden technologies that regular video might not be able to show. It is a clever use of 3D imagery that creates an illusion and tricks our eyes into believing that the stunning visuals are real. It is a great way to present the intricacy and inner workings of a product.

We have partnered with many brands to creatively communicate the features and value of their products to their audience through the use of CGI. Our talented artists understand the complex process behind producing CGI videos to the highest quality.

CGI artwork is a great addition to any product media regardless of the purpose, whether it be for advertising or for an ecommerce listing. Since there is no limitation on creativity, you will be amazed at the return on investment that CGI can bring to your brand. Let the imagery do the leg work for you by converting potential customers into paying customers.

We would love to partner with you on your next CGI project!

Visualisations Website


Creating the right environment for your products to shine is key when creating CGI visualisations. Our expert team can help design and create the perfect scene and push the boundaries of what’s possible. If you want to show your product in the desert, no problem. Or want to create your own high end house environment, we’ve got you covered!

360 Visuals Website

360° Visuals

Creating tangible assets online that consumer can really get to grips with is now possible through the use of 360°s. Allow your customers to manipulate and rotate your product giving them complete control over what they want to see.

360°s can be basic horizontal spins to full 3-dimensional views; with hotspots or not.

The next BIG thing!

Computer generated images are digitally transforming the world around us. You may have seen it referred to as 3D Rendering or 3D Imaging. In recent years we have seen a rise in the use of CGI as it continues to evolve. This artform is becoming increasingly popular over time through the rise of technologies such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

CGI doesn’t have to be used solely for films or music videos… Computer generated imagery is extremely versatile and can be used across a range of industries.

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