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Your brand guidelines should define what makes your brand unique, what makes your business stand against competitors.

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What are Brand Guidelines?

Building a brand that is easily recognised comes with maintaining a consistent brand identity across all platforms and communications. Brand guidelines are a document which outlines components of the brand including aspects of the logo such as the positioning and colour, typefaces, colour themes and iconography.

Why should you create brand guidelines?

Having some Brand Guidelines drawn up ensures that the brands identity is easily maintained as they can be referred to for reassurance. They can vary dependent on the industry which your business is categorised by but proves beneficial to outline each aspect of your branding.

The aim is to create a brand style guideline that is consistent and delivers a clear message. In the long term, having this document drawn up can save time, money and improve communications. When branding is inconsistent, it causes uncertainty for a customer. It can shape a customer’s perception of the brand to be untrustworthy or low-quality if they are unable to identify the brand at a glance. Whereas a brand which has a consistent identity will appear authentic and will appeal to a consumer for being genuine.

It is important that the typefaces used in the logo, alongside any other marketing materials should be documented. As well as the variation of colour formats for web and print. Making sure that the fonts used for the body and titles are easily distinguished between the two.

Whether you are looking for logo development – different arrangements and colour variations of the logo, this avoids any distortion of your logo when repurposing it to fit in with your marketing materials. Drawing up a colour palette to be used on all materials contributes to consistency, it is important to show the RGB values for digital, CMYK values for print and HTML Hex Reference for web.

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    Whether your brand has been established If you are a large established brand or a relatively small start-up. Regardless of the industry that you operate, we can offer your brand guidance to build a rememberable visual identity.

    Of course, your branding should be built around the idea of something that you like! Although, the creative process begins by strategising how you would like your brand to be perceived through its visual identity.

    Our talented graphic designers are incredibly experienced in building distinctive brands. They will partner with you to offer brand guidance and create personalised concepts that form the identity of your brand.

    We believe that you will reap in the rewards since brand awareness massively contributes to consumer decision-making!

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