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Brochures are great marketing tools when reaching out to new customers and provide an insight into your brand.

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What is a Brochure

A brochure is an ideal tool to promote your products or service offering. Traditional print offers tangible, quality and long-lasting marketing material for your business. One of the advantages of a brochure is that it can contain a large amount of information available at a glance with none of the scrolling and loading required for on-screen content of the same volume.

How to implement brochures in your business:

Imagery is a vital part of brochure design. People are visual creatures and we tend to get attracted more if we’re looking at something beautiful, engaging, or fun. And text alone can’t offer this attraction. To make the design more reader-friendly, choose appropriate and relevant photos associated with the main theme of the brochure. Where possible, it is best to avoid using generic images. If you need to spend on paid third party images, then go for it. Or we can speak about having a photo shoot for the brochure, for potentially much better results.

Longevity is definitely a key factor to consider when choosing materials. Not only do you want a visual design that can last a long time, you will want the physical product to be printed on the appropriate paper. Consider if the front and back covers need to be thicker, glossy or feature foil stamps, spot-UV or other processes. There should be something in the design that can increase its value and that makes it worth keeping, this includes the quality and feel of the document in the hands of the customer.

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    Take time to consider who your target audience is, the more you’re able to pinpoint the type of customer and their needs, the more effective it can be. If you’re unaware of this information, speak to your sales representatives or existing customers. We’re also here to help you in the early stages to plan out your offering.

    It’s a competitive world out there, so you will need to utilise creativity to set you apart from your competition. We can work with you to achieve a design that is original and unique. It’s also important that its uniqueness is recognisable and stands out, while remaining faithful to your brand identity and style.

    A well designed brochure can form the basis of how all your other designed materials can look. It can set out at certain style for future brochure updates if your product offering varies seasonally or annually. We can set out a considered design with this in mind, therefore effectively future-proofing for the eventuality of having different ranges, product categories or seasonal offerings. Whether intended as a one-off short-lived brochure or be a long-term business asset, it can have a long legacy of how your brand is perceived.

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