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When it comes to the design, less is more. The idea is to reduce scattered visual attention so that the end-consumer doesn’t become distracted. The highest performing designs have two main focuses: the product and the brand.

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Did you know that packaging design can account for 62.6% of a sales variance?

Packaging design takes a vast amount of careful consideration since it must easily catch the eye of the consumer. It could be the first impression that a consumer can have with your brand and will contribute to whether a customer will be drawn towards a certain product.

Why it is so important to get Packaging Design right?

The market space is overcrowded, which is why the first impression means everything. A consumer should be able to recognise how your product is differentiated from your competitors within that initial glance. Whether this be on the shelf or on the e-Commerce website.

A brand’s identity can be communicated through both functional and visual characteristics that convey the brands’ identity and create expectations for both physical and branding aspects.

Packaging that wins is packaging that is easily recognisable by customers.

Having the right packaging clearly works its magic to convert consumer interest into purchase intent. At the design stage, we put strong emphasis on capturing the brands’ identity. This means, clearly displaying the company’s logo along with the fonts, colours and trademarks outlined within the brand guidelines. As well as taking into consideration the type of consumer that the product is targeted at, the products purpose and the contribution this product will have on the consumers life.

Creative packaging could be your competitive advantage. The reason why a customer chooses your item from the shelf instead of your competitors.

When we become your visual content partner, we can work with you to produce print ready artwork, the packaging’s structural design, 3D Visualisation, Ecommerce and artwork for point-of-sale displays. All we would need from you is your vision and your brand assets at the creative development stage. This gives our graphic designers a clear idea of what they are working with so they can get stuck into your project!

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    Our approach to Packaging Design

    During the creative process, we take a neurological approach using previous eye-tracking data to form the basis of our designs.

    Our pupils dilate when we become interested or have a strong emotional response to something. This means that our eyes are the biggest giveaway into what interests us. Eye tracking is a form of research which uncovers the subconscious behaviour of a consumer. It can help us identify the type of design a consumer may find the most appealing on a crowded shelf. This approach offers an unbiased view into a consumer’s behaviour which is more likely to attract and convert.

    We don’t just provide visually appealing packaging; we take a data vision approach that converts! This is what makes us different to other packaging design companies.

    If you are needing product imagery for the packaging, did you know we can produce those in-house!

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