Adam Cooper

Co-Founder & Production Director

Career Overview

Graduating with a first from Salford University, I started out as a music producer and then moved onto editing and videography. 

In 2008 I started my career on cruise ships as a videographer. Travelling the world making destination videos. After seeing the many wonders of the world I ventured into a new opportunity with in setting up their inhouse video team, starting out as an editor and then moved onto studio manager after 4 months; taking the team of 4 people to over 30 people in the space of 3 years. 

The team and I at introduced and created a business first profile; initiating a best in class strategy, showing how to make video and photography convert online. I produced detailed research in consumer psychology to tailor the visual content to shoppers needs. Whilst working here we created over 12,000 product videos and 12+ tv commercials, I was also able to complete my training in production management with the BBC during this time. 

Moving on from, I supercharged my retail and product experience into the world of Argos; working there as an Executive Producer to oversee and manage the new in house studios. Filming product content for both the Argos catalogue and online resources. Having managed the team, creative ideas and the finance of that particular studio for a number of years, my unique background in retail & product focussed content helped to create an exciting opportunity working onboard cruise ships, where I met Jack.


And now the rest is history! Jack & I have built We Believe Media: Your Visual Content Partner & Product Experts find out more about our services here! 



Adam’s Bucket List

  1. Sky Diving is definitely top of the list for me!
  2. In the next few years I would like to get my Pilots License
  3. I would love to travel to Fiji!


  • Consumer Psychology
  • Shopping Behaviours
  • Video Editing
  • Video Direction

Adding the final touches to your videos will give them that sparkle to shine. Liaising back with you, we’ll make sure your videos are finished to the highest quality ready to be released to your public.

Interesting Facts

I make copper lamps in my spare time.
Play guitar.
Was on the Youth Swimming GB Squad.
Worked on cruise Ships for 3 years as a videographer travelling the world.
I like pineapple on pizza!
I geek out about psychology of people.