Colin Smart

Graphic Designer

Career Overview

“After completing my Graphic Design Digital Media qualification I started my first design job with the local newspaper designing adverts and page layouts for news, sport, features and magazine supplements. Following this I got into the world of product-based commercial marketing for a household electronics distributor which involved a majority of design for print but also web banners, e-mail marketing and trade show promotional materials, packaging and point-of-sale. Having worked both on in-house and for big-name brands, joining We Believe Media was a great opportunity to further my skills and work with a wider range of clients and different media.”


Colin’s Bucket List?

  1. Would like to be a contestant on a TV quiz show such as The Chase – a bonus if I don’t embarrass myself.
  2. I’d like to travel as much of Europe as I can in one go without flying, planning the logistics would be less fun but it’s definitely an ambition of mine to take in all the different cultures, architecture and cuisines the continent has to offer.
  3. I’d like to be able to master a foreign language, perhaps something totally different such as Japanese.

Interesting Facts

I’m pretty much self-taught on Photoshop. I used to play around on it when I was young in my spare time and it’s great that I’m able to basically do it as a job! I enjoy the challenge of communicating a complex message in a simple and understandable way effectively. I also enjoy creating logos and iconography which can be hugely integral to a brand’s identity and important to get right.


  • Iconography and logos
  • Editorial design
  • E-commerce
  • Adobe InDesign & Photoshop
  • Graphic Design