Imogen Simon

Video Editor & Colourist

Career Overview

“I studied Film and Television Production at university with a focus on Post-Production, my interest in Colour Psychology and its effects on audiences engagement with content led me to specialise as a Colourist in my final year. After a working as a freelance Colourist and Editor throughout 2020, I began working full time as an Editor and Colourist at the beginning of 2021. My need to develop and learn new skills led me to the world of CGI, where I have been continuing to grow my skills and knowledge base.”

Imogen’s Bucket List 

  1. To build and live in a Hobbit Hole
  2. Be part of an Attenborough style nature documentary
  3. I want to own a Norwegian Forest Cat

Interesting Facts

I learned to read upside down before the right way up

Interesting fact about my specialism: I have re-coloured scenes from a black and white film from the 1920’s.


    • Colour grading
    • CGI
    • Animation
    • Bringing your brand to life!