Motion graphics

2d Motion Graphics


The process of creating 2D Motion Graphics involves taking a still, flat image and combining it with precisely timed movement, creating transitions, and then adding music or a voice over into the background. It is crucial to get the timing right in order to attract and retain your audience’s attention.

They are a fantastic addition to any video marketing materials as they can contribute to your brands storytelling. They are also effective for internal communication in a company to train, motivate and inspire staff.

Animation Motion Graphics


Animation can bring any concept to life as it allows you to bend the laws of nature. It can also provide a guide through tour of your content, allowing you to control the viewer’s pace. The use of rich media in animation can be used to highlight specific points as it is more psychologically appealing. In addition, it is easy to update and is cost-effective.

Hybrid Motion Graphics


A hybrid video is a clever mixture of motion graphics with live action. Blending reality with animation is a great way for the viewer to gain a sense of relatability, something which creates an impact and helps them store that information in their mind. It is a great way to simplify the features of a product or service and communicate Ideas and concepts that would normally take a while to grasp by text alone can be understood within a minute with hybrid video

Whether you are looking to create short explainer videos, interactive social media posts, display adverts or even TV commercials. Motion Graphics has an array of different purposes. Do you have an idea that you have visualised but you’re unsure how to create it? That is where we can help… We can bring your vision to life through motion graphics.

A blend of animation and graphics

Often Motion Graphics can be recognised as Graphics in Movement as static graphics is rejected and movement is embraced instead.

Thanks to advancements in technology, a person’s attention span has drastically reduced to an average of 8 seconds. This means that there is now more pressure than ever before to interact with your audience in creative ways which captures their attention. What better way is there to engage an audience than in an animated style?

Motion Graphics can capture an illusion of motion which can help the consumer gain a deeper understanding of your brand or message you are wanting to communicate. There is a reason that often times the best communicators are the best storytellers. People are drawn to a good story. The better you are at telling a story with your video content, the better your video will be received. The human brain can process information much easier once it has been visualised. That is why graphics that are complimentary to text are much easier for the brain to digest and remember.

Motion Graphics videos are an effective way to sharing a vast amount of information since it can focus on the main points.

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