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Advertising photography is recognised absolutely everywhere, whether its digital or printed.

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What is Advertising Photography?

Advertising is a clever combination of striking visuals complimented by a supporting narrative or creative copywriting. The purpose of photography for advertising is to catch the attention of a consumer and leave a lasting impression. If a consumer had to chose what was more appealing; a block or text or fantastic photography – of course imagery would always win as consumers are extremely visually driven.

Imagery is considerably easier for our brains to process and store.

Advertising photography is recognised absolutely everywhere, whether its digital or printed. Consumers are exposed to advertising so often; they have begun to become less responsive to cliché messaging, that is why there are no limitations on creativity. It is a fantastic way to reinforce your branding rather than solely focusing on a product. It is a chance to shape how you want your product and brand to be perceived by your target audience.

Our approach to Advertising Photography

Behind the artistry of the advertising photography that we produce, is data. We take a neuromarketing approach, focusing on the science of storytelling. Referring to previous FMRI data reveals the subconscious behaviour of a consumer since certain areas of the brain will have different responses to different types of images. FMRI analysis detects areas of the brain that show increased intensity at the points in time that stimulation was applied. It recognises that when our brain engages with a story, as it behaves more like a participant than a spectator. That is why Emotion is the most effective way to connect a person and a product. Products often evoke a stronger response when they are framed within a story. This is because the message being conveyed is personal, one which the end-viewer can easily relate to. That is why advertising photography is so effective, one image can provide the end-viewer a positive, emotional, uplift which can trigger them to make a decision.

You would use data to help with your decision making in marketing, the exact same approach is taken when creating content… A data driven approach that converts.

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    The Process

    At WeBelieve Media, we understand that photography can be the deciding factor as to whether a campaign is successful or not. So, we understand that the Photography produced for Advertising is crucial to get right. When we become your visual content partner, we will work in line with your vision. First of all, we take the time to understand your goals and what you are aiming to achieve from the images?

    We will work in collaboration with you to make sure that we achieve the desired outcome for the Right Audience. In order to get this right, our talented photographers will take the time to gain an in-depth understanding of your target audience and brand before they plan their initial shot list. We can assure you that your project will be left in the best hands! Although you are given the opportunity to be as involved with the project as you like.

    Whether you decide to use our modern, in-house studio or head to a location we have got you covered. We are adaptable to make sure that we achieve your vision. Capturing your unique branding style will be prioritised throughout and optimised for online and print. That is how we can make sure that the images we produce can really make you stand out from the crowd!

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