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Dependant on where your product is listed, whether it is an online marketplace like Amazon or eBay or listed through an online retailer, the photography used for that product listing must catch the consumers attention in a glance.

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The impact of poor product photography for Ecommerce

The Ecommerce world gives consumers the ability to go away and do their research before purchasing that product. That is why shoppers have become a lot savvier and harder to win over. They need to believe that the businesses they are buying from are reliable. That is why the first impression means everything!

Having poor product photography can be extremely damaging to your brands reputation. Surely that is something you want to avoid?

How poor product photography can impact conversions.

Consumers need to be intrigued by the product enough to click onto it with the intent to purchase it. That is the ideal scenario, right? This shows the power that product photography holds when it comes to Conversion into Sales. Of course, each consumer will have their preferences when it comes to shopping for products.

Customers are having to rely heavily on the accuracy of the photography to validate their purchasing decisions. If the consumer is unable to look at the product in-person, how will they decide if that product is right for them?, There should be multiple angles so that your customers can really get a feel for the product. This will help them with their overall decision making.

The product images should speak for themselves, they need to prove to the customer why they should choose your product over a similar one.

Amazon Photography

We specialise in producing the highest quality content to be displayed on ecommerce. Amazon is one of the most competitive marketplaces to trade on. Whether you are a large retailer or a small start-up business, we understand what it takes to really stand out on amazon! We can work with you to achieve that!

Does your product stand the 5 second test?

Almost anyone can list products to sell on Amazon and it is common to find multiple other resellers offering the same products. For your product to stand out against similar products, it must pass the 5 second test. Where a consumer initially becomes engaged within the first five seconds when looking at a design.

Supplier images should be avoided at all costs! Otherwise, there is the risk that you could have the exact same images as another seller! Producing your own high-quality imagery is the key to make an impact and stand out!

About Amazon A+ Content

A+ Content is the below-the-fold media that allows sellers to further expand upon their selling points as well as create an enhanced buyer experience. The content gives brands a chance to describe the features of their products in an innovative way. The A+ content usually contains a selection of in-depth product descriptions, videos, charts, high-quality images, custom copy to present the brands identity.

A+ Content feature is designed to help sellers and vendors increase traffic, conversion rate and sales. Which means it is a great opportunity to show express the unique features of your brand and communicate why they should purchase your product!

Once you begin to progress through the content modules set by Amazon your listing will become optimised and rank higher in the search results. We have been working with a number of Amazon sellers to produce their media and we first-handily have seen the results for ourselves!

Let’s not forget – A+ content increases your conversion rates significantly.

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    Ecommerce is at the core of WeBelieve Media

    The increasing competitive nature of ecommerce world highlights just how important it is to have the highest quality product images to outshine competition. Visual content for Ecommerce is at the core of WeBelieve Media, since the agency was born out of the passion to define the way that digital media is perceived within the retail environment.

    Our talented photographers can capture your unique branding style so that you can stand out from the crowd! They produce the highest quality product images with an online first perspective. Their intent is to improve traffic to your e-commerce store or listing. We want to help you attract new customers and contribute to your long-term success!

    Did you know we have the capability to shoot a whole product range, all from our in-house studio?

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