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Consumers engage with a range of different forms of photography. Our photographers understand this, often a consumer’s attention may be earned by content that leaves them feeling inspired.

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What is Editorial Photography

Editorial photography focuses on producing images that are conceptual and aim to tell a story. It is the type of photography featured in magazines or noticed in advertisements and billboards. The aim is to WOW! and really catch the end-consumers attention. A range of different styles and genres can be achieved within editorial photography but often the image is placed to support the text. It can contribute to building your brands persona – how you want to be valued in a consumer’s mind.

Photography centered around aesthetics

There is often controversy around the difference between editorial photography and commercial. Simply the difference is, editorial is more focused around the artistic elements of photography – rather than directly selling a product. Just because the intent is not to directly sell, does not mean that it will not!

You may have heard editorial product photography referred to as ‘tabletop photography’ and the reason is really self-explanatory. Simply it is a range of images taken using the tabletop as a base which provides immense scope for creativity. For example, we can use a range of different raised platforms to add depth to an image or commonly you may see a water tank with products submerged. Editorial images are extremely interesting and are so much fun to produce!

Editorial images can express your brands personality and add character to your product!

Editorial images are a great addition to your photography mix since they provide a product with more context and may appeal to a wider audience.

Of course, you want to avoid poor product photography at all costs, since it can be extremely damaging to your brands reputation. Our talented photographers will go above and beyond to ensure that your branding is distinctive and really stands out from the crowd! They produce the highest quality product images with an online first perspective. Their intent is to improve traffic to your e-commerce store or listing. We want to help you attract new customers and contribute to your long-term success!

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    Our Process

    Here at WeBelieve Media, we love getting creative! When you chose to partner with us, we offer a start-to-finish service to make sure that consistency is achieved throughout. A dedicated team will work closely with you to make your vision a reality.

    Our talented photographers will take the time to gain an in depth understanding about your brand before they even produce their initial shot list. That is how much attention to detail they take to make sure that your product is shown in the best light possible.

    After the photography has been captured, our photography team will spend their time retouching the images to make sure that the finished outcome is one to be proud of. The work that we deliver will not only meet but exceed your expectations. We are the visual content partner for many clients of different sizes across multiple industries. Dependant on what you are aiming to achieve, we can work towards your vision.

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