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Whether you are looking for images for Ecommerce, Print, Magazines, or PR we will make sure that the highest quality clothing product photography is provided.

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The Importance of Clear Photography in Fashion

Around one-fifth of all clothing sales are made online. This emphasises the importance of capturing the garment as accurately as possible for the ecommerce listing. The idea is to not just convert that image into a sale, but to minimise the amount of clothing that is returned. Customers shop online for convenience; they are not afraid to return a product if it does not meet their expectations. That is why having a mixture of clothing images will not only help the customer with their decision making but will give them a clear idea on what they will be receiving through the post.

One of the deciding factors when buying clothing is how the fabric feels, or how it sits on your body. These elements can be difficult to interpret through photography if you have not had the commercial training or experience. That is where we can help.

Do you remember when an image of the blue or gold dress went viral? The controversy behind what colour people viewed the dress as. Of course, the factors that came into play were lighting and the material of the dress which gave off an illusion. To ensure colour and fabric accuracy, we adjust the lighting set ups and camera settings for every garment to ensure the customer can see the product as clear as possible.

Location or Studio

When we become your visual content partner, we will turn your vision into a reality by offering flexibility to suit your individual needs. So if that means us meeting you on location or joining us in our in-house studios, we are more than happy to accommodate!

Ways to display clothing for your ecommerce store

Invisible mannequin

Invisible mannequin images are a good way to give the clothing a realistic human shape without having to source a model. They are often the industries standard method of displaying clothing photography since consistency can be maintained throughout a whole product range.

Model Photography

On the flip side, customers like to visualise clothing on a person to help them with their decision making. That is why model photography is most commonly used for an e-commerce listing.

In the mobile-first world, there is a slim chance that a customer is going to read the products description when having an online browse for clothing. Instead, they rely mostly on visuals to gain an initial interest in that product. Similar to how they would if they would when shopping for clothes in-store.

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    During the pre-production stage we can suggest a few models that we think would work well for the shoot, unless you already have your own models in mind.

    During the postproduction stage, our photographer will retouch the images to make sure the end images are true to colour and shape and fulfil your requirements. Even better, we will deliver fashion images that will exceed your expectations.

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