Jewellery Photography

Our talented jewellery photographers can capture your product in a range of different styles to really show them off. Whether you are looking for images against a white background, lifestyle shots, flat lays, 360-degree rotations or modelled photos. We create imagery for ecommerce which leaves a lasting impression.

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What is Jewellery Photography

Jewellery photography is very focused around how we can deliver the WOW factor to the end consumer. The intricate nature of jewellery requires extra care when shooting to capture all of the fine details. That is why, often the photography can be considered as a challenge for many photographers – Not ours of course!

Attention to Detail is key

Even during the planning stage, our photographers will take the time to plan each individual shot and make sure that all the necessary actions can be executed so that every single product is captured in the best light possible. That is how we can make sure that consistency can be achieved throughout the whole product range. Inconsistency within photography can really devalue your brand. Poor photography can really distract customers and will encourage them to click off the page.

360 degree photography

360 degree photography for jewellery can give the customer a good feel for the product since they offer the end consumer more of an interactive experience. Consumers are able to see the product in every angle, which can help them with their decision making. The ultimate goal is to convert online website visitors into paying customers.

Cut out photography

Cut out photography is the most popular style of imagery across websites and catalogues. Ultimately, this is any type of photography you will see mostly against the white background. Without a doubt it takes a huge amount of skill to get it right.

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    Our approach

    When you partner with us, you are given the opportunity to be as involved with the project as you like. Although, we can assure you that your project is left in the best hands. Our talented photographers will take the time to gain an in depth understanding about your brand before they even produce their initial shot list. They plan their shots around emphasising those distinctive features agreed during the pre-production stages. Their impeccable attention to detail will make sure that your product is shown in the best light possible.

    Having high quality photography can really stand out from the crowd! Dependant on the purpose of the images, we can optimise them efficiently so that they really wow! Both online and printed.

    Our photographers offer a start-to-finish service ensuring that consistency is achieved throughout. This means that after the photography has been captured, our photography team will spend hours retouching the images to make sure that the finished outcome is one to be proud of. The work that we deliver not only meets your expectations but exceeds your expectations.

    Whether you decide to use our modern, in-house studio or head to a location we have got you covered, or we can even build our sets to meet your design requirements.

    We are driven to go above and beyond; your success contributes to our success! Start the conversation today – we can work together to create visuals that leave a lasting impression!

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