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Our photography team can confidently capture creative images that imitate everyday life scenarios, without taking any focus away from the product. There are many places that lifestyle shots can be spotted, whether it is a printed or digital advert or ecommerce listing, they are a great addition to your product media mix as they can determine where a product can be used.

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What is Lifestyle Photography?

Consumers want to see a product in action when it comes to online shopping. They are more likely to be impacted by an image which shows how a particular product can fit into or better their everyday life. An emotional response is triggered in their brain causing them to have higher levels of engagement. Product images which are visually inspiring are an effective way to convert.

Why you should invest in Product Lifestyle shots

Product Lifestyle Photography acts as an opportunity for the end-consumer to see a product in context rather than again a white background. We are not saying that white cut-out photography is any less effective, but it is good to have a combination of the types of product photography. Lifestyle photography just gives the end consumer more of an insight into the size and scale of the product as well as recognising its features and benefits.

Dependant on the type of product, the use of models may prove beneficial to demonstrate everyday people using the product. This can add to giving the end consumer a clearer vision of how they can use that product. If the product has more than one purpose, lifestyle photography really helps the consumer envision all of the different uses.

Product Lifestyle Photography can even freshen up the photography for existing products which are continued to be stocked.

The beauty of this type of photography is that there is so much variety – you can visually address a consumer’s pain point and then answer them all in one image! This contributes a great deal towards helping the consumer with their decision making as to whether they want to purchase that product!


In our studios we have pre-build modern looking room sets comprised of multiple room sets including kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. These sets can be adapted and rebuilt dependant on your vision.

There is also the option of heading out on a location for a lifestyle shoot if the studios are not what you have in mind. We can be completely flexible to make sure that we can achieve your desired outcome.

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    The process

    There is a huge amount of careful consideration that we take when creating a visually appealing real-life setting. Factors that we take into consideration include:

    • Where the product will be used?
    • Who the product will be used by?
    • How the product will be used?
    • Are there any other items that belong with this product?
    • What type of lighting will compliment that product?

    Once all of these components have been executed, an effective story can be created within one image.

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