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Your product’s visual media should meet the expectations of the modern shopper, you want to leave a lasting impression to potential customers wherever they may come across your brand!

The best product images are ones that speak for themselves!

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What is Product Photography

When shopping for a product, the first initial glimpse counts. In that split second when the product catches our eye, we will decide whether we are initially interested in the product or dismiss it. High quality product images can improve the customers shopping experience, whether they are used for a catalogue, brochure, or the rising world of ecommerce.

If a customer is shopping online, they are unable to experience that product first-hand. Which is why it is great to offer the customer a full 360º view of the product and capture the product from as many angles as possible. It gives the customer an opportunity to gain a proper feel for the product to help them with their overall decision making. It could be the reason that a customer has chosen your product rather than your competitors.

Cut-Out Photography

Cut-out photography is easily recognised as photography against a white background used mostly for product listings. We aim to make sure that we capture the product as close to real life as possible to ensure that the customer is not in for any surprises when they receive it.

It is a mixture of high-end photography equipment and skilled photographers that instinctively know how to capture the best pack shots all from our in-house studio.

Whether you are wanting to capture a full product range, or a few additional products, we can accommodate!

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    Our Process

    Our talented photographers will take the time to gain an in depth understanding about your brand before they even produce their initial shot list. That is how much attention to detail they take to make sure that your product is shown in the best light possible.

    When producing the shot-list, our creatives will examine the features of the product drawing out any particular distinctive benefits that they want to capture and highlight in the end-product. A dedicated team will work closely with you to make your vision a reality.

    After the photography has been captured, our photography team will spend their time retouching the images to make sure that the finished outcome is one to be proud of. The work that we deliver will not only meet but exceed your expectations.

    Our photographers offer a start-to-finish service, which ensures consistency is achieved throughout. Even before they have captured the image, they have visualised what they want to achieve from that.

    We are the visual content partner for many clients of different sizes across multiple industries. Dependant on what you are aiming to achieve, we can work towards your vision.

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