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Television commercials are an opportunity to make a statement about your brand.

Video advertisements and commercials are an excellent way to build and increase brand awareness. Traditionally, TV was once the most powerful place to advertise a product. The development of digital has created additional spaces that video adverts can be placed.

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The most trusted form of advertising

Television adverts are still regarded as the most trusted form of advertising by consumers, since it acts as an opportunity to create a compelling story that is intriguing and attracts attention towards your brand. It is a great way to broadcast a message to a wide audience, especially if the intent is to stay top of the mind through the power of persuasion.

Are Commercials / Adverts a worthwhile investement?

Whether your advertising intention is to promote your brand through a heartfelt campaign, or directly selling a product. Whatever the budget, television commercials always contribute to a boost in sales!

How commercials can help create brand awareness.

A customer’s experience can be strengthened by the message at the heart of the commercial. That is why it is a fantastic opportunity to scale and build the presence of your brand. Consumers consider brands which are shown on TV to be highly regarded. We have all heard the “As seen on TV” right?

Television commercials on other platforms.

Although television is considered to be the most trusted amongst consumers, it is still good to be visible among other platforms. The beauty of investing in a television commercial is that it doesn’t have to just be for TV. One powerful video can be repurposed and optimised for mobile devices across additional digital platforms. They are an investment piece which will take your brand to the next level.

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    Our approach

    Subconsciously our brains make predictions about what is happening in the world around us by releasing neurotransmitters that adapt our heartbeat, regulate blood pressure and muscle tension accordingly.

    When measuring emotions, we get an insight into our brain’s responses to something that we either experience or expect. This is how our physiological responses can be measured effectively our body’s automatic reactions.

    When our brain is a high state of activation our senses are heightened causing our attention spans increase. If emotional response is not linked to the brand, the ad itself might be remembered but the brand may not. That is why it is so important to ensure that the message is distinctive to the brand.

    That is why when it comes to television commercials, we aim to deliver them in a way that creates high activation levels in the brain. Situations and items that have been linked to previously triggering a strong emotional response are more likely to be remembered. Authenticity is the key.

    If an advert is emotionally engaging, it is more likely to be remembered.

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