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A How-To Video is a good addition to a products media mix since they can offer benefits to both existing and potential customers, or they can be used internally!

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What is a How-To Video?

How-to Videos are an effective way to explain to a new customer how to use a product, the benefits of the products and to address any questions people may have. Video is now becoming a preferred way to learn; businesses are adapting to their consumer’s needs. 

When to use a How-To-Video?

No one wants to flick through a printed 20+ page manual anymore. It’s all about visuals! With 39% of customers wanting more How-to videos from brands. These videos are extremely, valuable, versatile and can have a range of different purposes. If you are trying to get across a message to a wide audience, a how-to video is a great way to reach a large group of people all at once. Or if you are trying to increase your brands trustworthiness and customer loyalty, offering an aftercare service through a series of How-to videos is a great way to achieve this.

How-to videos are a great addition to any internal business training. Whether the purpose is to train new recruits or refreshing your employee’s skill set. Engineers on the road can use them as a go to guide for elements they may be unfamiliar with. They save you the hassle of having to repeat the same message more than once. They can make sure that everyone shares the same knowledge and is on the same page.

Why you should invest in a How-To Video?

When consumers are unsure of something, their first steps are to use a search engine such as YouTube. Nine times out of ten, there is usually a video to answer their query. People can process visual information 60,000 times faster than text which is why a how-to video proves to be a worthy long-term investment.

Not only are they informative, but they also come with great benefits such as:                          Reducing a products rate of return and reducing call centre troubleshooting. Saving you money in the long run!

We have been briefed about the financial rewards that come with the creation of after-care videos. Of course, this is very much dependant on the type of product but having that customer after-care service in place has proved to minimise the customers uncertainty post-purchase.

How-To Videos are much easier to digest than a large amount of text.

A How-to-video provides an alternative method of delivering information for those who find reading difficult. These videos offer customers a demonstration on how to use and make the most out of their product in a personable way. 

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    The How-To Video Creation Process

    To attract your target audience, 


    Remember to think about, what do you want to educate your audience about? what action you want viewers to take from the video?

    Once the key points have been clearly outlined, we can write you up a script and feed you some of our ideas and collaboratively produce the basis for an impactful how-to video.

    Before jumping right into the filming process, you want to determine what your goal is for the video and what action you want viewers to take from it. After, we will involve the appropriate teams together to ensure that we work towards your vision.

    Whether you are looking for a video that is animated, or presenter-led we can take care of that for you all in one place! Here at We Believe Media – Enquire today, we’d love to chat with you about your next project!

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