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Whether there is event happening in the business, or you are looking to promote the business as a whole, a promotional video should leave the viewer wanting more by offering a glimpse into what your business has to offer.

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What is a Promotional Video?

A promotional video is a broad term for any video created with the intention to promote your business. Video types may range from: Introducing your brand, showing off your corporate culture, customer testimonials, or an eye-catching teaser. The possibilities are endless.

As you may already know, it’s harder than ever before to break through the noise of the crowded marketplace. Consumers are faced with more choice than ever before; the control is now in their hands.

Why promotional videos are a worthy investment.

In the sense that promotional video is a broad term, there are also many possible rewards that may come with producing promotional videos including: brand awareness, growth of sales, the generation of leads, boosting traffic to your webpage and educating your audience.

Without a doubt, promotional videos are the type of media that will convert consumers over to your website with the intent to want to find out more about your business. It is an opportunity to humanise the brand and connect with your target audience on a deeper and personal level. This could be the reason that a customer chooses to purchase from your brand, rather than another which offers a similar product.

The best way to catch your audience attention is to move away from the direct ‘sales’ talking and offer the end-viewer more of an insight into your business. This all has to be done in the matter of two minutes, which is why the message needs to be clear and impactful. The aim is to encourage them to want to find out more, you want your brand to be remembered.

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    When producing a promotional video, we consider how to target a consumer’s priorities below their level of consciousness with the intent to trigger emotion and maintain the end-viewers’ attention. Once you are able to tap into the consumers emotion, it is more likely to be kept in the mind and play a vital part in their decision making.

    Once we become your visual content partner, you can be involved with the project as much as you would like. All we would need from you, is your vision, and we will work with you to achieve it. Of course, we make sure that your brand is shown in the best way possible and is consistent with your brands identity. A promotional video is an excellent way to strengthen your brand message, showcase what your brand really stands for. Especially now that video is increasingly becoming consumers favoured media source.

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