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We have all noticed the power social media has in modern day advertising. Regardless of the social platform, it is an area which every business is expected to be present on. Thanks to social media, the marketplace has become even more accessible for smaller brands to break through the noise, meaning greater competition.

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What is a Social Teaser?

A teaser video can help you get ahead with advertising even before the product has reached its final stages in manufacturing. It is an amazing way to create a buzz around your product, service, or event before the prelaunch as the end-viewer is given a sneak preview. An effective teaser will transfer enough high quality, direct information within a short amount of time.

It is an exciting way to catch the attention of your target consumer! Whether this be on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn or Twitter, the same video can be re-purposed among all platforms. It is important to have an understanding of where the final deliverables will be shown. For example, if creating an asset for Instagram Stories we should use a 9:16 vertical ratio rather than the standard 16:9. Or alternatively, making the most of the retail space available and cropping to a square 1:1 ratio.

Usually, a social teaser may only show extracts or elements of the main video, rather than the whole story. The aim is to intrigue the consumer, by building suspense – without giving too much away. It is a fantastic way to build excitement by hinting that something is about to happen. They work well in engaging consumers to convert over to the website.

Tech savvy consumers are now faced with having shorter attention spans. Which is why a teaser video alternatively may be used to highlight key parts of a whole video to gage the end-viewers initial interest to follow a link to watch the main video. Their attention would need to be captured initially within the first couple of seconds of a video.

We have seen the emergence of video-first content receiving the highest conversions, through the rapid growth of TikTok. So, without a doubt there is a definite need for this content!

Why producing videos for social media will benefit you.

Around half of the entire global population uses social media! This means that your brand communications can reach wider audiences than ever before. Whether you achieve this through paid or organic reach, videos for social media can leave an impression regardless of your budget.

Social teaser videos encourage shareability and videos boosts conversion!

Of course, every brand is aiming to achieve some sense of virality. Social media users are likely to react and reshare a video which has impacted them in anyway, this is a great way to improve your organic reach and build your brand awareness. A great way to directly convert the viewer over to your website!

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    When we become your visual content partner, we will work in line with your vision. First of all, you would need to explain your goals and what you are aiming to achieve from producing the video whether this be increasing Click-throughs, Conversions, or Brand awareness?

    We will work in collaboration with you to make sure that we achieve the Right Message for the Right Audience. We take an approach that refers to data directly from the brain can explain processes that consumers are unable to self-report. This provides us with an exclusive insight to the way that we understand and become persuaded by message. This is how we create unique content, that creates an impact and of course, converts.

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