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Video is incredibly engaging, that is why it is such a popular way to deliver and consume content. As consumers we often turn to platforms such as YouTube to learn something or to find a solution to a problem that we may have. Each person will have their preferred method of learning, training videos offer an adaptive approach since it is far more visually engaging than a block of text.

Did you know that employees are 75 percent more likely to watch a video over reading text?

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What are Training Videos?

Training videos are a great way to communicate the same message to wide audience. These can range from being a tutorial for customers to learn how to use a product or an employee training video. These videos intend to educate and share knowledge with the end-viewer around a particular topic.

Are training videos a worthwhile investment?

Consumers now have more information at their fingertips, than ever before. We no longer need to rely on human interaction to gain knowledge. That is why training videos are a great investment, as they are tied to a number of great benefits. One being flexibility around when they might want to access information. The choice is left in the consumers hand as to when they would like to access the information and can help the viewer process information at their own pace.

Training videos offer consistency

They eliminate any concerns of a message being lost in translation. It also can dramatically save you some big money, which we have experienced first-hand through some of our clients. It guarantees that the message is not lost in translation – therefore each viewer will be told exactly the same information.

We have seen the results for ourselves when producing after-care videos for clients. It was incredible to see their overall savings when producing product aftercare videos. It reduced their total number of customer service calls, the number of products returned and engineer callouts! So definitely worthwhile!

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    The Process

    When you choose to partner with us, we can produce training videos are educational, effective. During the planning stage, it is important that you can clearly identify your target audience and the message that you are wanting to get across to them.

    As people we are all different, this means we will all have our own preference on how we engage and process information. That is why the information being communicated would need to be tailored towards that specific audience, so that it is processed and stored in their brains. It saves the hassle of having to repeat the same information more than once, saving so much time in the long-term

    We will work towards your vision, which means you can leave the hard work to us by taking advantage of our script-to-screen service. It doesn’t even need to be recorded! Animation videos are widely used for training videos, did you know that we can do that here?

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