Tower Air Fryer Content


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The Challenge

With the resurgence and popularisation of Air Fryers dominating the market from 2020, it was no surprise that household name Tower would produce the goods when it came to quality and value. With big claims around healthier eating and energy saving and no end in sight for a roll out across innovative cooking technology; our challenge was to create content that challenged the competition, delivering the features with absolute aspiration and a flourish of food-porn!

The Solution

When the technology and products can speak for themselves in results, our job became a delicate balance of bringing hidden technology to life with benefits so good the consumer can't refuse. Enter mouth-watering food styling, innovative CGI and motion graphics teamed with a crew who know a thing or two about Air Fryers. With almost 30 SKUs under our belt, a roster of edits and accompanying merchandising content, air fryers are here to stay and we're proud to work with the Britain's favourite no 1 air fryer brand.

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